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Full-Length Plays

                                      Dragons in the Crease

                                      When a college professor asks a student with a severe stutter not to speak in class, it sets in

                                      motion events that will cast them into the national spotlight and change their lives forever.

                                      ("Joseph Vitale's script is poignant...I look forward to seeing another production of this and

                                      more work by this talented writer." -- Times Square Chronicles)

                                      Performances: The Hudson Guild Theater in New York (September 2019)

                                      Finalist, 2020-2021 Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman Drama Award 


​                                                   Back Channel

                                                   A Russian spy and an American journalist attempt to negotiate an end to the Cuban

                                                   Missile crisis in October 1962. Based on actual events.

                                                   Performances: Three performances at The Theater Project (April 2018)




                                         A one-character play about the life of one of the 20th Century's most important journalists and

                                         broadcasting pioneers, Edward R. Murrow.  ("A Dramatic Masterpiece..." -- Huffington Post)

                                         Performances: A one-month run Off-Off Broadway at the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble

                                         (May 2016)    Visit:



                                         The Fourth State of Matter

                                         A gifted Chinese astrophysics student murders his beloved professor and mentor. A detective

                                         needs to find out why. (“The Fourth State of Matter will test your certitude, and might make

                                         you question your perception of people and the universe as well." -- The Local/East Village)

                                         Performance: The Theater for the New City/Dream Up Festival (August/September 2011)

                                         Semi-finalist for the 2012 Eugene O'Neill Theater/National Playwrights Conference 


​                                              The Interpreter

                                                 Nazi leader Hermann Goring goes on trial for crimes against humanity and the only one who                                                     can save him is his Jewish interpreter. 

                                                 Performances: Performed at The Theater Project (November 2021)



                                               Sunset Park

                                                  A trilogy of three interlocking short plays – The Dog Walk, In the Clearing and The Sandlot –                                                    about aging and coming to terms with the changes in our lives.

                                                  Performances: Selected to be part of New York Theater Festival's Summerfest 2022 in                                                        July 2022. Performed at The Theater Project (July 2023)


Inventing the Wheel

"Do not bite at the bait of pleasure," Thomas Jefferson wrote, "till you know there is no hook beneath it." Two middle-aged New Yorkers, who meet on a swingers’ website, find out why.

Performances: Script-in-hand reading at The Theater Project (March 2013)

One-Act Plays

The Monster Under the Bed

       "Best Play" -- 2019 Rhino Theater (NJ)

             4th Annual One-Act Jamboree

       "Best Play" -- 2018 St. Paul's (IN)

            Theater One-Act Festival

Small Vises: A Trilogy

Ugly Baby

Clear Air Turbulence

A Memory of Music



In the Clearing

She Said/She Said

Going Up

Condolence Call

Next to Him

You're Getting Sleepy

A Eulogy

Robert's Rules of Order

Duck Soup

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